Wireless Services


Wireless Services

Wireless network design and installation can be a complex and daunting task that involves many invisible and unpredictable variables. We can ensure your WiFi deployment meets your standards this includes 802.11n/a/ac deployment, channel allocation, RF signal strength, noise level, data rate, user density, roaming, and security. Since all these factors ultimately affect WLAN network performance, it is necessary to perform RF site surveys to fully understand the behaviour of radio waves within the environment before installing any Wireless access points.

'How Many APs Do I Need?' We can quickly and easily determine the optimal number & placement of access points needed to provide the best coverage and capacity required by the users in a cost-effective way. Additionally, we can help you with the important areas to consider, for example, VLAN planning, multiple SSID planning, IP address planning, Management network planning, SNMP planning and QoS planning.

We provide the following Wireless Services:

    • Predictive Surveys
      • Physical Site Surveys
        • Voice over WiFi Surveys
          • Point-to-Point & Multipoint
            • Site surveys for Verification (Post)
              • RF Spectrum Interference Analysis
                • Access Point Placement Determination

                  • To ensure desired coverage and capacity are achieved, the first major and most important step in the deployment of a Wireless network is an RF site survey. Our commitment to the design, anaylsis, optimisation and the troubleshooting of Wi-Fi networks is proven by our investment in Ekahau site survey software and training.

                    We use the data captured to competently specify the Wireless solution that meets your budget and capacity requirements.

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