Network Audits


Network Audits

Many cabling issues can be quickly resolved if your cabinets and server rooms are well-organised, un-cluttered, properly documented and labelled. You may have a requirement to re-locate or upgrade data cabinets to create more space or facilitate the installation of additional equipment.

We can assist with all requirements from initial audit to finalised patching and network schematic documentation. A well organised and documented network comms room allows most cabling issues to be resolved quickly. It also makes future work and troubleshooting easier and less time consuming.

We have a vast amount of experience in helping customers plan and carry out these types of work and our attention to detail always ensures a professional finish.

We can supply the following information:

    • Full network diagrams
      • UTP & Fibre port details
        • Detailed patching schedule
          • Cable analyser reports from Fluke tester

          • MatrixIP can help map and draw your network topology. Contact us today.

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